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Your source for Top Information Technology Talent Leaders who

Deliver the competitive advantage,

Bring an innovative solutions-focused approach, and

Provide leading-edge IT expertise and accountability

​At Anuva Resource Solutions (ARS); we understand that Information Technology Talent is the cornerstone of successful companies. Our insightful, knowledgeable, tech-savy, professional team know​​ the marketplace and are here to partner with you to help your company grow. They place top-tier Information Technology talent, individually and in teams, creating powerful, successful partnerships in banking, investment banking, manufacturing, US military and several federal government sectors.

Providing: contract, contract-to-hire, and direct hire services from our vast pool of top tier, innovative, results-driven Information Technology talent.

Partnering with Financial, Banking, Investment Banking, Manufacturing, Insurance, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, US Military and various federal government sectors, and Software industries nationwide – from our headquarters in North Carolina and offices in Florida and India.

ARS – Where leading companies and leading IT talent engage, connect, and build their futures together.


We listen – discern – and build. Top IT talent placement solutions.


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Anuva – where your talent is valued and your career matters.


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Anuva – the ultimate source for key positions in Information Technology.



“My company recently needed to staff up quickly to support a new customer’s critical deadline. We decided to use Anuva Resource over two other companies for all our production staffing due the quick response we received and quality of people they recruited for us.”
Chuck Williamson
“Jyoti has always come through with a lot of well qualified candidates who were extremely personable. She has incredible integrity and is fabulous to work with. I highly recommend Jyoti to any company or candidate!”
Ty Meredith, President, TM Group Search Partners
“Unlike some talent-acquisition consultancies, Anuva Resource Solutions takes a personal approach! The company invests the time to thoroughly understand the employment needs of its clients and skills of its candidate pool to save HR and hiring managers valuable time and money.”
Gail Zoppo
“This is one of the best staffing companies I ever had the pleasure to work for. Anuva Resource didn’t just look at my experience, but took the time to have me come in, sit and talk about what I need and what I was looking for as far as work. They set me up with a company I love working for. I am still at this company and plan on staying there for many years to come.
Thank you for everything Anuva Resource!”
Ida Rosario
“I would like to recommend Anuva Resource Solutions, a recruiting agency that I have been working with this past year. From time to time we all turn to recruiters to fill staffing needs. Anuva Resource Solutions has successfully placed production line workers, technicians and engineers for me.”
Sherrie Nance
“Anuva Resource is a great resource that helped me find a great candidate for my open position. They quickly got me several candidates to choose from, all of whom met my requirements. They handled all of the new hire headaches and I was able to focus on my business.  The support has been wonderful and the entire process was much simpler from start to finish.”
Tina Patel
“Jyoti recently worked on an especially challenging recruit for us. I was impressed with her diligence and persistence. Jyoti continued to introduce high quality candidates almost daily and did an excellent job with communication to all involved.”
Pam Gunnell, HR Manager, IMDS
“Jyoti’s persistence, determination and diligence put me into my dream position. Her knowledge of the regulated industry, from working in it under various roles, was refreshing. The turnaround time from my interview to offer was a record for this company, and, if not for her singular efforts, would have been a missed opportunity for me. Her dedication goes well beyond 9-5 and she expects the same from her clients. I would recommend Jyoti Patel and Anuva Resource to anyone.”
Robin Russell
I have had the pleasure of working with Anuva this year, and I can’t say enough about this company.
Personable and professional and able to find me many top notch candidates. Everything is so timely and
accurate!!! Jyoti is always checking in to make sure I am all set, and Sameer is so, so nice and finds me exactly
what I am looking for, and very quickly, I might add. I would recommend to anyone!!
Linda Ruszala


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