Expand Your IT Job Search to the Mobile World

When searching for IT jobs, whether through a recruiter or on your own, you might think you’re limited to just looking online. However, you don’t have to be stuck behind a computer to find work these days. There are numerous job apps now available for your phone or tablet that make it possible to search on the go.

Typically, the interfaces are simple and easy to use, further streamlining the job search process and giving you the opportunity to search for new positions no matter where you are.

While you may not be able to find a job search app for IT professionals just yet, you can find several that cater to a wide range of job types and industries. Indeed, the popular search site, has an app that’s simple and allows you to view open positions from your phone. The only drawback is that you can’t upload your resume from your mobile device. You’ll need to complete this (and other) setup steps on your computer. But for searching, the app is pretty good and works well.

Another app you might want to try out is JobMo. It doesn’t have its own job database, but it does draw from other search sites. It automatically detects your location, making for more streamlined searching. You can even view salary information from Indeed.com within this app, which makes it incredibly convenient for more than just a basic search. This is for the mobile user that’s committed to finding a job away from the computer.

If you’re a fan of the Wall Street Journal job board, you should download the FINS app. You can select from several different job categories and you’re presented with news for each industry. Then you can search within these categories using keywords to find the position you want. Unfortunately, you can’t actually apply for positions using the app, though you can email them to yourself to apply to later once you’re on your computer. This is fine unless you’re in a super hurry to apply for positions.

There are other apps out there for your mobile devices that aim to make the job search process easier. Now, if only more of them would make the job application process easier, you’d be all set. In the meantime, enjoy exploring available positions using these apps and expand your job horizons. You’re bound to find more open IT positions with such a dedicated search effort.

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