New IT Positions Open Up Opportunities: Part 2

Last time, we discussed how brand new positions are opening up in the IT field every day. And how it’s vital to familiarize yourself with these positions if you hope to make yourself as hirable as possible in the current economy. In fact, you may even need to expand your education if you hope to find employment easily.

The fact of the matter is IT is changing. Old positions aren’t going by the wayside, but the new positions are gaining prominence. So much so that they’re filling up the job boards. You’d be at a serious disadvantage not to further your education at this point.

Cloud Specialist

One position that’s cropping up on job boards frequently these days is that of cloud specialist. More and more businesses are using cloud-based data sharing systems that there’s a need for a specialist to set up, install, and prepare proper security for these systems. The primary task of these specialists is to design or implement a system that best serves the business without adding complication. Typically, an education in networking is required to excel in this kind of position.

However, you won’t just be tasked with creating in-house cloud sharing systems. You’ll also need to implement more public services that make it possible for companies to share information with colleagues that don’t work in house while still maintaining optimum security. Cloud specialists will need to master the infrastructure of these systems and explain them efficiently to the people that will use it on a daily basis.

Social Media Specialist

Another new position that’s popping up a lot in the IT sector is that of social media specialist. More and more companies are recognizing the need to have someone handle their social media implementation and organization. This isn’t just about posting status updates. Rather, it’s about making full use of social business. Companies are trying to use social media-like tools within their companies to boost employee interaction and productivity. This is why so many social media specialist positions are appearing on job boards. Companies want to find a person to build communities for their businesses that are secure and effective while offering a wide range of features.

IT has become more than just maintaining backend support for companies. It encompasses a wide range of positions that, if you’re not keeping up with your education, could leave you behind in the dust.

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