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Anuva resource solutions (ARS), a minority-owned business specializes in the placement of the best and reliable technology talent on contract, contract to hire and permanent roles in businesses of multiple industries. We believe that an organization deserves a qualified, talented candidate who can help it reach heights in the near future.

Since 2012, ARS has been collaborating with businesses and involved in a unique work structure like identifying their unique challenges and needs and further inculcating into our extensive range of resources to seamlessly place the best information technology leaders and players in their open roles.

Moreover, we consider events including forwarding movement, evaluating potential future needs and taking steps to bring potential candidates to the forefront where they can showcase their best possible efforts towards the organization.

Full life cycle Recruiting is 360˚ process of recruitment, That is allows your hiring process to run effectively, more smoothly, and results in the best candidates to fill their staffing needs.

When you need end-to-end recruitment services, whether they be on a contract or full time hires, we can accommodate your needs.

Research/Sourcing & Identify
Resume Review/Processing
Job Posting/Description & Specification Design
Execution of Hire

We work with every client’s unique needs and come up with a specific plan that makes sense for them for both contingent and/or retained searches. You will be pleased at how we customize each and every solution.

At ARS, we make an art of listening to our clients, understanding their needs, and then building long-term, strategic partnerships. Your Technology talent needs are our top priority. We

• Gather the facts –
• Determine the challenge –
• Create a strategic plan –
• Deliver the best-fit solution – innovative, expert, creative Technology Talent.
• That’s the ARS promise, and we stand behind it.

Our thoroughness in assessing your specific Technology needs will provide you with quality Technology talent in a timely, cost-effective, seamless extension to your team – whether you need contract, contract-to-hire, or direct hire services. Our tech-savvy consultants daily pursue the best Technology talent solutions, engaging incredible talent, providing a ready pool of Technology individuals and teams.
Partnership with ARS guarantees fast-paced results – ensuring you have both the time and resources to build and run your business.

Offering fast, efficient Technology talent resources from our extensive pool of top tier, innovative, results-driven Technology talent to clients – from coast to coast – in multiple industries, including,
Industries We Serve
Aerospace & Defense
Computer Software
Consumer Electronics
Health Care
Mobile Devices
Securities & Capital Makers
Semi Conductors
Technology Recruitment
• Software Developers
• Desktop Support
• Analysts
• Cisco Engineers
• Cloud & Web Development
• Cyber Security
• Data Administrators
• Data Analytics
• Data Science
• Embedded Systems
• Mobile Devices
• Networking
• Quality Assurance
• Securities & Capital Makers
• Storage Engineers
Non-IT & Engineering
Customer Service
BPO Volume Hiring
Administrative Services
Mechanical Engineers
Civil Engineers
Electrical Engineers
Employee Search
Always keep looking for right people as they build your segments and your build the company
People Cohesion
People cohesion arises when bonds link members of a social group to one another and to the group as a whole
Team Leadership
The team theory of leadership is a very effective model for a leader who is part of a team, or the leader of one
Team Build Up
Team building is a collective term for various types of activities used to enhance social relations and define roles within teams, often involving collaborative tasks.
Strategy can also be defined as “A general direction set for the company and its various components to achieve a desired state in the future.
Communication is the act of conveying meanings from one entity or group to another through the use of mutually understood signs, symbols, and semiotic rules

The right people

A correct fit

People Staying

Further progress


Need First-Class Consultants?


Full Service Employer of Record Pay rolling Services !

• Full Service Employer of Record Pay rolling Services including On-Boarding, Enrollment, Management and Administration, Payroll, Operational and Off-Boarding of all Contingent Workers.
• Client Diversity Spend Captured - (WBENC)
• Employer Tax, (FICA ,FUTA ,SUTA, ETT)
• Employer Related Liability, Risk and Insurance Migration to our partnered payroll provider as Employer of Record
• Full Worker Compensation Insurance liability and risk migration to Genesis
• Mandate State Sick Leave Tracking and Coverage
• Worker Classification Risk Migration and Liability
• Advance Payroll Funding – 30 Days
• On-Site Management (if client desired, no additional cost, must have a min. of 25 employees enrolled in program to qualify for on-site support)
• Background Check
• Dedicated HR / Employee Relations Contact
• Web / Mobile Base Time Keeping System with Email Client Verification and Approval
• Employee Health Insurance - (Cigna Health Care, 50% Employer paid included in rate)
• Employee Dental/Vision/ 401 K Plan
• Employee Term Life Policy
• 5 Paid Holidays are included in rate proposal
• Travel Booking Service included
• Expense Management and Reimbursement
• Global capabilities (rates vary based on country)
• US Work Visas Management and Transfers –(only additional cost is pass-thru of direct legal fees per case)

Using our partnered services will allow SPE to accomplish the following objectives

1. Capture Diversity Spend – We are certified woman owned business, every dollar spent through our payroll partners will allow SPE to capture their diversity credit
2. Lower Annual Contingent Spend – We propose lower markup than current provider
3. Increase End User Entitlements – We are offering end user paid holidays, benefits, etc.. This is a very rich end user package, included within the lower proposed markup
4. Increase proficiently and on-going program flexibility - Onsite support is included in this package, as well as a dedicated support team
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an US Recruitment firm, specializes in the placement of the best and reliable technology talent on contract, contract to hire and permanent roles in businesses of multiple industries.
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an US Recruitment firm, specializes in the placement of the best and reliable technology talent on contract, contract to hire and permanent roles in businesses of multiple industries.

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