The IT Job Search – It’s all about Connection

IT Job Search

The IT Job Search – It’s all about Connection

Will 2017 be the year you land that IT dream job? It certainly can be.

Whether you’re about to launch a job search or have been on the prowl for some time already, put these tips into practice to realize success in 2017.

1) If you’re not on LinkedIn, shame on you

A 2014 Jobvite survey that found 94 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn to source and vet candidates, should nudge every job candidate to be a participant on the site designed specifically for the business community. In spite of that, only 36 percent of job seekers are active on LinkedIn.

Get with the program, job seekers! If recruiters are using LinkedIn as their primary search tool, you need to be using the site to your full advantage. Many in the industry consider it the best resource available for career and job search networking as well as the best place to be found by a recruiter.

2) Use all social media to its fullest potential

Don’t stop with LinkedIn. While it’s worth arguing LinkedIn should be your first stop on the social media train, don’t hop off there and put your feet up. Get back on the train and hit the next stop. And the next and the one after that. If your job search needs a shot in the arm, it’s time to review and expand your social media presence.

Where else will you get the chance to interact with company executives as well as potential future co-workers? Dive into warm waters of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and anything else you desire. Then make sure the time you spend on each of these networks is all about communicating and connecting. Remember it’s 2016 and digital everything is where it’s at.

3) Network like crazy

As important as an online presence is to your job search, offline networking should not be tossed aside as “old school.” The adage, “it’s not what you know, but who you know” has never been truer than in today’s aggressive job market. Networking can and should happen everywhere, in all branches of your life. Leave no stone, err…relationship “unturned” when it comes to sharing about your job search.

It’s quite probable that someone you know, knows of an opening somewhere, for which you would be qualified. Friends, family, former bosses and co-workers, past or present classmates, fellow community volunteers, even the parent’s at your daughter’s dance class—they all have connections and access to information.

4) Create a job search email address

This may seem like an overly simple and of-little-importance suggestion. But think about it. Because first impressions are mega impactful, do you want to be contacted at Iamsohot@email about interview arrangements? I’m guessing no. And how dreadful it would be to overlook an important email message in an inbox that is bursting at the seams on any given day. So, establish a professional sounding email account and then be sure to check it often.

5) Access ready support with Anuva Resource Solutions

At Anuva Resource Solutions, we pride ourselves on connecting IT talent with top companies in a variety of industries. We strive for efficiency and excellent every step of the process. Contact us today to see how our expert assistance can guide you toward the IT job of your dreams in 2017.

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